Adventures of a Cool Grandparent – 5 Tips for Unforgettable Intergenerational Adventures

One of our friends recently posted captioned photos of a grandchild adventure, and we have picked up some pointers. She had obviously done her homework, made a plan, and chosen some sweet memories to share while making new ones. We think that’s pretty special. Here’s what we learned from Susan:

1. Let them bring a friend.

The fun and smiles will be multiplied exponentially if your grandchild can share the excitement with you and also with their friend.

Granddaughter Jenna brought friend Julianna on the adventure where they set up home base in her grandmother’s hometown, Horse Cave.

2. Explore new places with them.

Plan to visit some place you will all discover together. Find a place that has a bit of mystery for all of you to experience.

The happy trio’s home base was one of the new Conestoga wagons at Horse Cave KOA. Seasoned camper Susan described the wagon as spacious and said the adjacent bathrooms were “the nicest I’ve ever seen in a campground (and I’ve been in a lot)! Open hallway with about 12 individual bathrooms. It’s like being at home, instead of a nasty shower house with flimsy curtains.”

The home base in Horse Cave made it easy for them to visit the giants exhibit at Bernheim Forest, about 50 miles north as well as Dinosaur World and Wigwam Village #2, about 5 miles south.

3. Show them you have skills.

Your adventure will be the perfect time to let them learn to fish, cookout, make a campfire, etc. Be generous with your expertise, enthusiasm, and excitement as they discover something new.

Susan was able to demonstrate her animal skills at Kentucky Down Under Adventure Zoo, right across the street from Horse Cave KOA.

4. Share some of your favorite places.

It’s a perfect time to show them (not just tell them about) places that are special to you and your family. How about recreating a special memory? Eating at that favorite place?

On their visit to Mammoth Cave National Park, just 10 miles away, Susan showed Jenna a photo of her father and grandfather in the National Park Service glossy souvenir magazine available in the visitor center.

Every trip Susan makes back to Horse Cave includes breakfast at Wigwam General Store, and she was excited to share the country ham, biscuits and gravy and pick-out-your-drink-from-the-cooler experience with the girls before they took out on their day’s adventuring.

Dressed in Susan’s wedding dress, Jenna was able to recreate that special moment in the place where her grandparents were married at Mammoth Cave National Park.

5. Take lots of photos.

Be the chronicler of your adventure. Go crazy with photos. Share a few online if they don’t object, and proudly save them for yourself and for them so that all of you will remember the adventures forever!

PS – We hear Horse Cave KOA is building new Treehouses! We think we feel another grandparent adventure coming on really soon!