I-65 Map And Travel Guide

Interstate 65

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For decades, the Interstate 65 corridor has been a major north/south artery for visitors traveling through the heart of America. Let us show you the Kentucky unbridled spirit all along the way. From the Louisville area to the Tennessee border, our map of attractions will direct you to fun at every exit

And as we say here in the south, we’re ready for company!

US 31W & 31E

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If you’d like to get a real taste of authentic Kentucky, venture off I-65 to US 31W or US 31E. Contrary to what you might expect, these two Scenic Highways run north and south through Kentucky and they offer a delightful alternative to the interstate.

You’ll travel past small farms with corn, soybeans, dairy cattle and tobacco barns. You’ll drive through tiny, charming historic towns without having to worry about stoplights or traffic jams.You can chat with the locals at a roadside café or market.This History of US 31W and 31E may whet your appetite for all the true Kentucky experiences that wait for you here!