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Average annual temperature is 55°
Normal annual rainfall is 45″.


Interstate 65 bisects the county. Hart County has three I-65 Exits.

Horse Cave is Exit 58.
Munfordville is Exit 65.
Bonnieville is Exit 71.

Two scenic highways that run parallel to I-65 are US 31W and US 31E.

Before the interstate was built, these highways were main north-south arteries. They are great alternatives for visitors who want to get off the interstate and enjoy the beautiful countryside.

Travel time from Hart County

Bowling Green, KY 30 minutes
Elizabethtown, KY 30 minutes
Louisville, KY 1 hour 15 minutes
Nashville, TN 1 hour 30 minutes
Frankfort, KY 1 hour 45 minutes
Lexington, KY 1 hour 45 minutes
Cincinnati, OH 2 hours 30 minutes
Evansville, IN 2 hours 30 minutes
Indianapolis, IN 3 hours
Huntsville, AL 3 hours 30 minutes
Memphis, TN 5 hours
Chicago, IL 6 hours
Cleveland, OH 7 hours
New Orleans, LA 10 hours


Louisville International, approximately 70 miles north via I-65
Nashville International, approximately 100 miles south via I-65
Glasgow Municipal Airport, approximately 20 miles away, 390 Airport Road, Glasgow (270) 678-4469
Bowling Green/Warren County Regional Airport, approximately 40 miles away, 1000 Woodhurst Street, Bowling Green (270) 842-1101
Elizabethtown Regional Airport, approximately 35 miles away, 1828 Kitty Hawk Drive, Elizabethtown (502) 292-2898

Computers (public use)

Hart County Public Library, 500 East Union Street, Munfordville, (270) 524-1953
Horse Cave Public Library, 111 Higbee Street, Horse Cave, (270) 786-1130

Dry Cleaners

Hometown Cleaners, 110 East Old Street, Munfordville, (270) 524-0425


(Police/Fire/Ambulance): Dial 911

Highways (major)

I-65: Interstate 65 is the major north-south artery that bisects Hart County. For area information, stop by the Tourist Information Centers at the north and south bound rest areas at mile marker 60.
US 31W: This federal highway that runs parallel to Interstate 65 was once the major north-south artery. US 31-W is a great way to see the area’s attractions and small towns.
US 31E: This federal highway that is a few miles east of US 31W also runs north-south. US 31-E takes you to Lincoln’s Birthplace in Hodgenville and is a great way to see the beautiful farms in our region.

Hunting/Fishing Licenses

Ace Hardware, 1063 Main Street, Munfordville, (270)524-2552
Master Pawn of Horse Cave, 139 E. Main Street, Horse Cave, (270)786-1530


Hart County Public Library, 500 East Union Street, Munfordville, (270) 524-1953
Horse Cave Public Library, 111 Higbee Street, Horse Cave, (270) 786-1130

Marriage Licenses

Hart County Clerk, Hart County Courthouse, 200 Main Street, Munfordville (270) 524-2751

Office hours: Monday – Friday: 8:00am – 4:00pm Saturday: 9:00am – Noon

Fee: $35 (This includes license and filing fees when returned to the clerk’s office after the ceremony has been performed.)

To obtain a marriage license, both parties must appear together at the County Clerk’s office with identification. The non-refundable license is valid for 30 days. It may only be used within the Commonwealth of Kentucky. If either party is under the legal age of 18, the parent or legal guardian must appear with the minor and provide written consent at the time of application. Proof of custody must also be provided. If the female is under 18 years of age, the marriage license must be obtained in the county where she and her parents/legal guardians reside and may require a court order.



Karl Forster, DDS, 309 Caldwell Street, Munfordville, (270) 524-3008
Steven Neville, DMD, 311 South Dixie Street (US31W), Horse Cave, (270) 786-2547
Jason Smith DMD, 663 Main Street (US 31W), Munfordville, (270) 524-5422


Family Medical Center of Hart County, 117 West South Street, Munfordville, (270) 524-7231
Swaran Chani, 1495 S Dixie St (US 31W), Horse Cave (270) 786-2372
Virag Pandeya, 950 Main St (US 31W), Munfordville, (270) 524-1201


The Medical Center at Caverna, 1501 South Dixie Street (US 31W), Horse Cave (270) 786-2191


Clark Drugs, 500 Main Street, Munfordville, (270) 524-3669
Walgreens, 394 North Dixie Street (US 31W), Horse Cave, (270) 786-1147
Walgreens, 600 North Main Street (US 31W), Munfordville (270) 524-3081


Vet and boarding:

Hartland Animal Hospital, 6425 South Jackson Highway (US 31E), Horse Cave, (270) 786-5545 or (800) 560-5545
Sittin’ Pretty, 68 Mary Thomas Ave Horse Cave (270) 473-0150
Kari’s Kountry Kritters 12748 Cub Run Highway Cub Run, (270) 524-4378

Post Offices

Bonnieville: 7692 North Dixie Highway (US 31W), Bonnieville, (270) 531-5151
Canmer: 2698 North Jackson Highway (US 31E), Canmer, (270) 528-3353
Cub Run: 12753 Cub Run Highway, Cub Run, 524-1011
Hardyville: 62 North Jackson Highway (US 31E), Hardyville, (270) 528-3331
Horse Cave: 117 Water Street, Horse Cave, (800) 275-8777
Munfordville: 215 Washington Street, Munfordville, (270) 524-5500

RV Dumping

KOA Campground, 489 Flint Ridge Road (I-65 Exit 58), Horse Cave (270) 786-2819
Love’s Travel Stop, I-65 Exit 58, Horse Cave, (270) 786-4000
Hart County is a natural half-way stopping point for visitors from the north heading toward the Gulf Coast.


Vision Source, 1483 S Dixie Highway, Horse Cave, KY 42749, 270.786.2085
Vision First, 815 Main Street (US 31W), Munfordville, (270) 524-5444