Bring Along the Pooch Itinerary

One in 5 travelers say they would never leave their dog at home when they go on vacation. If your pooch is part of your family, this itinerary is for you! Friendly dogs on leashes are welcome.

Hooked on Caves Itinerary

After your visit to the granddaddy of them all, Mammoth Cave National Park, you’ll want to check out some of the “show caves” in the area. While most people think if you’ve seen one cave you’ve seen them all, locals know that every cave has its own personality, just like your children.

Eco-Friendly itinerary

The first thing visitors notice about rural Kentucky is how green it is. (It might be called bluegrass, but it’s just another shade of green!) We’re trees and fields and farms and countryside and caves and rivers. Even though most of our county’s rivers are underground, we have the state’s longest above-ground river, Green River.

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