Teacher Days


Event Date & Time

Monday, July 17 - Monday, July 31, 2023

9:00am - 5:00pm

Contact Info

Mark your calendars & tell your friends! We’re having Teacher Days July 17-31, 2023.


Kentucky PreK – 12 Public School Teachers with a valid teacher ID will get a one day free admission to Kentucky Down Under Adventure Zoo, Hidden River Cave/American Cave Museum, and Dutch Country Safari Park. And Dennison’s Roadside Market will give those teachers a free cold soft drink from their cooler.


Last year’s Teacher Days were fabulously successful! This will be another great opportunity for some summer fun and to check out everything new our attractions have to offer.


This is also a kickoff for our 2023 Field Trip Assistance Program that will assist with class visits to those Hart County Attractions. There’s a new application form with details on our website at: kygetaway.com/resources/teachers/


😘 to all of our educators for your dedication to our young people! Best wishes for a great new year!