Big Buffalo Crossing Canoe & Kayak

Plan your adventure and lazy river canoe and kayak trips at Big Buffalo Crossing Canoe & Kayak, located on the banks of Green River, one of the world’s most biologically diverse rivers.

Choose trips that include 5 of the state’s largest springs, or travel by water into Mammoth Cave National Park. Day or overnight tours can include camping, fishing, swimming, caving, and/or sightseeing. There is something for every skill level. Must phone ahead.

Big Buffalo Crossing Canoe Day Trips

*Fun Float 

Johnson Springs to Munfordville (4 miles/3 hours)

Great trip for kids & family fun from Johnson Springs to Munfordville.

$40 canoe / $30 kayak

*Rio to Johnson Springs (8 miles / 4 hours)

Canoe or kayak trip w/good fishing & lots of Civil War history.

$50 canoe / $40 kayak

*Rio to Munfordville (12 miles / 6 hours)

Combine Fun Float & Rio to Johnson Spring trips.

$60 canoe / $45 kayak

*300 Springs

Lynn Camp to Rio (6 hour/ day trip)

See 300 Springs waterfalls.

$70 canoe / $50 kayak

Big Buffalo Crossing Canoe Camping & Overnight Trips

*300 Springs

Lynn Camp to Munfordville (24 miles / 12 hours)

Overnight camping trip with a nice secluded gravel bar to setup camp.

See 300 Springs waterfalls.

$80 canoe

*Munfordville to Dennison’s Ferry (21 miles / 12 hours)

Camping Trip to Mammoth Cave National Park, Dennison’s Ferry.

$80 canoe

*Munfordville to Green River Ferry (29 miles / 15 hrs)

Overnight trip through Mammoth Cave National Park, Green River Ferry.

$100 canoe

*Shuttle Service Available. Call for Pricing. 270.774.7883.



Phone: 270-774-7883

I-65, Exit 65
Location: 100 River Road

Munfordville KY 42765

Website: Big Buffalo Crossing Canoe & Kayak

300 Springs Bridal Veil Waterfall

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