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On the hiking trail of John Muir in Hart County

In September of 1867 John Muir, now considered the Father of the National Park Service, set out on a 1000 mile walk to the Gulf of Mexico.  This route, which began in Indianapolis, was the first of many explorations by Muir. His curiosity took him over much of the United States, discovering the importance of […]

Hiking is making a comeback!

Hiking is making a comeback, and we are fortunate to live in a place that offers a variety of trails to enjoy. At Cave Country Trails, we’re all about getting people on the trails in our region, so here’s some things we want you to know.   Mammoth Cave National Park has nearly 84 miles […]

What does JCPEats have to say about Hart County?

Don’t take our word for it, check out what our friend J.C. Phelps has had to say about his time in Hart County. Blog: The Perfect Itinerary For A Visit To Hart County Blog: From Abe to Cave: A Kentucky Trail For The Perfect Day Trip Blog: Dennison’s Roadside Market in Horse Cave, Kentucky Blog: […]

OUR LOCAL TOURIST ATTRACTIONS: Bold, Quirky, Varied, Delicious

At a theatre performance in Horse Cave some years back, I found myself seated near a woman “wearing” a small kangaroo in a body-hugging sling. The kangaroo, of course, was from Kentucky Down Under was being socialized for the kind of human contact she’d eventually experience as one of KDU’s many animal ambassadors. Soon thereafter, I […]


GOOD NEWS UPDATE: Tours at Mammoth Cave National Park are now open. But you can get ready for a great adventure by reading these books recommended by our staff member Natalie. Don’t forget the above-ground trails at Mammoth Cave and all of the other fascinating caves in the area. We highly recommend that you make […]