There’s so much Kentucky to see if you venture off the interstate and into our small towns. From our gently rolling “karst” terrain to our outdoor adventures and friendly people, Hart County offers you a taste of Kentucky’s Unbridled Spirit.

Take time to chat with locals, and don’t forget to wave at friendly passers-by. You’ll make memories in Hart County while you’re making plans to return!

Hart County

Hart County, located in south central Kentucky, lies predominately within the central portion of the Pennyroyal region of the state. You’ll find gently rolling hillsides and steep “knobs” in the county’s rural countryside of karst terrain dotted with sinkholes and underground streams.

Nolin River forms the western boundary of the county, and the Green River winds through the center, flowing east to west in a series of loops and bends. Hart County contains five of Kentucky’s ten largest springs, including Gorin Mill Spring, the largest in the state.

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