Know before you go: 300 Springs Waterfall

300 Springs Waterfall on the Green River in Hart County Kentucky is a spectacular series of springs spilling into the river.  Some say there are 300?  We haven’t officially counted, but we understand the grandeur of the name.

  • To add to the outdoor adventure, you should know that 300 Springs is only accessible by boat.
  • The closest launch to the waterfall is at Lynn Camp Creek Launch. This is a private launch, which can be arranged by contacting them. Another livery in our area is Big Buffalo Crossing Canoe & Kayak.
  • After paddling to the waterfall, you could stay on the Green for days and camp along the river all the way to Mammoth Cave National Park. Remember when congress passed that major Great American Outdoors Act, providing infrastructural improvements to many of our national parks?  Well, due to work at the Green River Ferry, river access is closed at Dennison Ferry Day Use Area & Green River Ferry for now. The only access for canoes, kayaks, & boats in the park is Houchin Ferry in Brownsville, KY.  So, for improvements river camping is also temporarily closed inside the park. You can watch for these access points to re-open, and gather information on how to apply for a riverside camping permit, here.

Paddling the Green River near 300 Springs Waterfall, by McKenna Vierstra.

  • If river camping is not for you, we get that. You can also be at the Rio Boat Ramp in just a few hours from the waterfall and take out there as well.  In Hart County, we are very proud of Rio, our newest public launch – dedicated just recently in 2020.  There’s plenty of public parking for all of your crew.

To learn more about the trails in Hart County, head to our trails page.  We have hiking, biking, cycling, horse back riding, backpacking and of course, Blueways information as well.

Paddling the Green River in the fall, by McKenna Vierstra.