Four Hiking Trails to Get you Started

There are over 100 miles of hiking trails in our area, making us one of the best destinations in Kentucky for getting outside. These four fit a variety of abilities and interests.

The Jenny Wilson Byrd trail running along the Green River from Munfordville to Johnson Springs is 4.5 miles long. This trail is easy to moderate with a need for cables occasionally. The elevation shift is not overwhelming, but since this trail runs along the banks of the river, there are often changes made to the trail by high water. Bring your hiking poles.

The Echo River Springs Trail in Mammoth Cave National Park is an accessible 1 mile. The highlight of the trail is a “blue hole” on the edge of the Green River. It’s fascinating to watch the water bubble up from underground and there are two observation decks for just this purpose.

The Green River Bluffs Trail at Mammoth Cave National Park is a 1.3 miles trail that includes amazing overlooks of the river valley.  The trail head is near the picnic area by the Visitor’s Center in the front country of the park.  The Visitor’s Center trail map can be used to plan your path as the Bluffs Trail also connects to the Dixon Cave Trail, the River Styx Spring trail, the Sunset Point Trail AND the River Springs Trail. Mammoth Cave trails really are full of options!  Also, the trail mileage chart is a handy tool to use before you hit the trail, or after, but we definitely suggest before.  Green River overlook photo, from the trail, by Lydia Puccini.

Our final fourth recommendation is the Cedar Sink Trail, also within Mammoth Cave National Park. Cedar Sink is 1 mile long, and it is considered moderate due to the elevation shift required to get into the sink itself. We recommend doing the loop clockwise as it seems to give the best views, and definitely take the offshoot trail to hang out under the rock ledge for a bit. It is a nice resting spot. Spring wildflowers are abundant on this trail, as well as birding opportunities.

Also, if you’re looking for a walking trail in our area, we have two to suggest.  One is a 1/3 mile loop at the Maple Avenue Park in downtown Horse Cave.  The second is a 3/4 loop at the Green River Park and Arboretum (Stovall Park) in Munfordville.  Sometimes we just need to stretch our legs without the miles of adventure!

Think you might be interested in trying out a water trail with us too??  We have miles and hours of kayaking and canoeing available on the Green River.  You can actually launch and paddle straight into Mammoth Cave National Park for a truly unique experience.

Click here for paddling information, maps, sites to look for, safety tips, and livery information.