Hart County: Where Grandparents’ Dreams Come True

Carolyn Berry

Author and Host of the Adventures with Grammy Podcast

Carolyn Berry, a retired educator, writer and photographer, is a grandmother on-the-go with her grandchildren. Known as MaMa Berry to her grandchildren and their friends, she continues a tradition with her grandchildren she and her late husband, Gary, began when their three children, Craig, Renee, and Todd, were young: provide experiences and adventures to create memories that last a lifetime.

Enjoy this podcast episode of Adventures with Grammy, as Berry introduces Sandra Wilson, Executive Director at Hart County Tourist Commission.

Hart County, Ky, is fascinating destination for grandparents and their grandchildren to spend time. Located in south central Kentucky, you’ll find gently rolling hillsides, underground rivers, caves, ziplines and covered wagons in which to rest your head. It’s a grandparents dream come true … a place to make memories with your grandchildren.

Joining me today to share the fun families can expect once they hop off the interstate is Sandra Wilson, the executive director at Hart County Kentucky Tourist Commission.


Enjoy!  We look forward to seeing you in Hart County!

Hidden River Cave in downtown Horse Cave

Conestoga Wagon at KOA Campground
Ziplining Outdoor Adventure