How to celebrate National Plan Your Vacation Day

Your 2022 calendar still has that fresh, new smell of anticipation and hope – and those pages are going to fill up quick. Before all the have to’s fill it up, make the choice to ink in time for yourself and your people first.

Around 6.5 million vacation days go unused in the United States by people who put themselves last.

Don’t do that this year, you NEVER did like coming in last!

Start here

  • Let the dreaming begin! Think of all the places you’d love to go or things you’d like to do.
  • Make three lists. Write down places to go & things to do on
    • single days
    • long weekends
    • week long vacations
  • Pro tip: vacation days aren’t just for week long excursions. Consider scheduling a vacation day on the regular for exploring closer to home – maybe a Kentucky road trip?
  • Determine how many vacation days you will have in 2022.
  • Gather your people & set target vacation days with their calendars too.

Websites We Suggest for adventurous trip planning (think caves, canoes & kangaroos, including a National Park you can check off your list) for a wide look at all our state has to offer

Photo by: Matt McClintock