Your essential FALL checklist at Dennison’s Market

In fall, we instinctively know the essentials.

A great sweater, flannel or hoodie.

A perfect pumpkin.

The chewy wonder that is fresh caramel over a crisp apple.

Maybe an ice cold pop in a glass bottle or some old fashioned candy just as a splurge?

The Dennison family has spent years building the essentials into your market experience.

  • The pumpkin patch has been planted since June and cared for.
  • A pavilion in the kids area has picnic tables for daily use and can be reserved for parties and events as well.
  • Plus the greenhouse will be full of cold crop vegetables, herbs and fall flowers, including rows and rows of mums.
  • Pumpkins of all kinds will be ready for your selection.  Painted ones, plan ones, stacking ones and carving ones.  They want to make sure you find the one that is just right for you!
  • Plus take home loads of delicious fall flavors for your menus: freshly pressed sorghum, apples, Penn’s Bacon or Country Ham, Kenny’s Cheese or freshly gathered honey from Dennison’s.
  • And don’t forget they have local artisan products for any fall gift giving needs you may have.  Hand turned wood bowls, handmade baskets, door hangers, plus quilts and afghans.  Things you just can’t find everywhere these days.

And while you’re in the area: