Two small Kentucky towns of strollable Christmas cheer! (only 7 miles apart)

Christmas time is here!  And nothing says festive more than small towns covered in lights. As luck would have it, Hart County happens to be home to two such towns, only seven miles apart. They are drivable and strollable – whichever you prefer.

Munfordville, exit 65 off I65, is our county seat and the courthouse lawn there is sparkling with thousands of lights strung with love and dozens of displays from locals businesses. Horse Cave, exit 58 off I65, is brimming over with holiday lights, which can be found throughout town and in window displays.  We suggest strolling along Main Street, into the lawn of the historic Thomas House and continuing into the Maple Avenue Park.

Christmas displays at the Thomas House in Horse Cave, Kentucky

While we may not rival Rockefeller Center, we sure do think we bring the holiday – on a smaller scale.

Here’s some things to consider:

  • Grab some take out from our local restaurants to enjoy on your festive night out.  Pick a bench and eat dinner among the lights or stay cozy in the warmth of your car.  Either way, our restaurants will appreciate your support.  You can find dining information here.
  • There’s no better light than Christmas light to create content for your followers!  Snap some selfies or film your dance moves with the reindeer for your next Christmas TikTok.
  • Don’t forget to don your most festive mask and social distance for your walkabout.
  • Still need to do some shopping? It’s possible to also add shopping to this outing and enjoy the best of both of those worlds.  Information on our local shops can be found here.
Christmas displays on the Hart County Courthouse lawn in Munfordville, Kentucky
Geega’s Christmas window displays in downtown Horse Cave, Kentucky
Reindeer landed briefly on the Hart County Courthouse lawn in Munfordville, Kentucky