The 4 best ways to navigate through Kentucky’s Cave Country

Do You Know Where You are Going? The 4 best ways to navigate through Kentucky’s Cave Country

Feeling lost? Afraid to venture off the Interstate? We can help you with the 4 best ways to navigate your way through Kentucky’s Cave Country.

1. Digital Assistants – The quickest way to navigate, especially if you are driving, is to ask Siri or Alexa or whoever directs your online searches. We also suggest our own website to expand your familiarity with area options.

2. Maps – We don’t know when the first maps were created, but they changed the world. For the first time people were able to see their location in relation to other areas. They could plan. There are plenty of online options, and those are fine, but don’t believe for a moment that printed maps are outdated. You can find place names you never knew to search for. You can get a complete overview instead of just a few feet ahead of you. Pick up or print out a Kentucky Highway Map for a view of the entire state or a Kentucky’s Cave Country Map to help you easily navigate the highways, roads, and attractions along Interstate 65.

I-65 Rest Areas in Hart County Kentucky

3. Interstate 65 Welcome Centers and Rest Areas – Never worry about the cleanliness, safety, and expertise available at Kentucky’s stops along I-65. The Hart County I-65 Rest Areas both northbound and southbound at mile marker 60 are open 24 hours a day and welcome you to Kentucky’s Cave Country. The Tourist Info Centers there are staffed daily March through December and Friday – Sunday in January and February. The local tourism professionals who staff the centers can answer all your questions, give you directions, and make recommendations to meet your needs. A video, brochures, and maps are available 24 hours every day. There are also two state I-65 Welcome Centers, one southbound at mile marker 114 in Bullitt County and one northbound at mile marker 1 in Simpson County.  (This welcome center is currently closed and under reconstruction that should be finished in 2021.) 

Munfordville’s Welcome Center and Gift Shop

4. Local visitor centers – Local tourism staff are also available to answer your questions and give you directions and suggestions at various locations in Kentucky’s Cave Country: 

  • Mammoth Cave Area Welcome Center at 418 Mammoth Cave St, Cave City
  • Munfordville Welcome Center at  113 Main St, Munfordville
  • Bowling Green Area CVB Visitor Information Center at 352 Three Springs Rd, Bowling Green