Our Local Tourist Attractions: Bold, Quirky, Varied, Delicious

At a theatre performance in Horse Cave some years back, I found myself seated near a woman “wearing” a small kangaroo in a body-hugging sling. The kangaroo, of course, was from Kentucky Down Under was being socialized for the kind of human contact she’d eventually experience as one of KDU’s many animal ambassadors.

Soon thereafter, I was at a work meeting where employees representing various manufacturing departments gathered with our plant manager to ask questions, share concerns, hear about business updates, etc.

Per custom, meetings like this generally started with a get-acquainted “ice-breaking” question. And soon we were all telling each other where we’d like to visit if given an all-expense-paid, two-week vacation to a location of our choice.

Turns out a lot of Kentuckians from the Glasgow-Horse Cave area would really, really like to spend some time in Australia. And I began to wonder if most of these adventure enthusiasts had been to Kentucky Down Under. I hope so, for KDU is a place where Aussie magic happens every day—demonstrations, interactions with exotic animals, guided cave tours, etc. And as you may know, much of this came about because an Australian named Judy moved into our community and had a bold vision of how to make Horse Cave a more interesting place.

Indeed, it’s true that many of our local tourist attractions are the result of bold and interesting thought.
Hidden River Cave’s outreach, for example, has been significantly expanded in recent years with the addition of rappelling experiences. And the new underground swinging bridge inside the cave is pretty much a one-of-a-kind sensation for this entire region.

Likewise, Kentucky Stonehenge in Munfordville stands as a quirky nod to history, a highly unusual neighborhood feature, and a project motivated by personal interest rather than profit. As someone who zips by this attraction on occasion, I wish to offer my thanks.

Meanwhile, our Horse Cave KOA has just installed three Conestoga-style wagons, ready for photo-worthy campout experiences and a fun way to introduce kids to a bit of American history. And close to campgrounds and residences throughout the community, of course, are hiking, biking, and water trails galore.

For those seeking a glimpse into our local Amish culture, Farmwald’s Dutch Bakery recently introduced Amish Wedding Dinner meals, and even now, during a time of carryout and curb service only, is a hot spot for fried pies and generously proportioned donuts.

As you know, our county has a long history of tourism, offering us attractions that are bold, quirky, varied, delicious, and downright awesome. We have specialty shops, museums, outdoor markets, historic sites, natural wonders, and works of imagination.

Our local attractions are hoping to see you as the year progresses and will appreciate your support when life returns to business as normal.

By: Natalie Lund