Map & Directions

Hart County is a natural half-way stopping point for visitors from the north heading toward the Gulf Coast. Interstate 65 bisects the county. Hart County has three I-65 Exits. Horse Cave is Exit 58. Munfordville is Exit 65. And Bonnieville is Exit 71.

Two scenic highways that run parallel to I-65 are US 31W and US 31E. Before the interstate was built, these highways were main north-south arteries. They are great alternatives for visitors who want to get off the interstate and enjoy the beautiful countryside.

Travel time from Hart County:

Bowling Green, KY  30 minutes
Elizabethtown, KY  30 minutes
Louisville, KY   1 hour 15 minutes
Nashville, TN   1 hour 30 minutes
Frankfort, KY   1 hour 45 minutes
Lexington, KY   1 hour 45 minutes
Cincinnati, OH   2 hours 30 minutes
Evansville, IN   2 hours 30 minutes
Indianapolis, IN   3 hours
Huntsville, AL   3 hours 30 minutes
Memphis, TN   5 hours
Chicago, IL   6 hours
Cleveland, OH   7 hours
New Orleans, LA  10 hours
Tallahassee, FL   10 hours